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September 8th, 2010

That’s how much rain we’ve had from Hermine. So far. (There’s still rain to the west of us but I don’t think we’ll get much more.) It rained gently all day yesterday and was soaking in nicely, but after dinner it started to rain harder. The yard flooded and there’s a lot of dirt in the pond now. This map shows how much rain fell around here. We’re in the purple spot.


We have a “tipping bucket” rain gauge which I love. Seriously, it’s one of my favorite possessions. If you’re going to get a ton of rain, you want to know how much you got, but ordinary tube rain gauges fill up at 6 inches, and then you either get to go out in the rain and major puddles and empty them, or not know. We don’t often get more than 6 inches at a time, but it happens probably twice a year at least. This one never fills up. It catches rain in a little bucket and the bucket tips over and empties every time it has 0.05″. Then it sends a signal to a receiver inside the house and we can just watch the total go up and up while staying dry.

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