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Color floss labels preview — opinions please
July 20th, 2011

Here’s a preview of the floss labels with color swatches:

If you look carefully, you can see the label edges — the bottoms of the labels are just below the numbers. They’re laid out like the current labels, but just have color swatches above the numbers. These are about actual size (the labels are 1″ wide by 5/8″ high). The color is better than it appears — for example, 939 and 3021 are clearly different colors on the real labels.

There’s some work to do before we can make them available, but here’s what we’re thinking, and we’d like to know how you feel about the whole thing.

  1. It may not be necessary to have a color swatch for the solid colors, especially the ones that don’t have a symbol, but it seems like it can’t hurt.
  2. The color labels may cost slightly more than all black labels, but not much.
  3. We will discontinue all black labels. These seem like a huge improvement and having two kinds would be confusing. (I’d start using them this instant but the current label stock is not suitable for color printing — it smears.)
  4. We will have a coupon for some period of time to allow people (especially people who JUST bought all black labels) to get the color labels at a good discount.
  5. They may not be water-proof. (The current ones happen to be, although it has never come up, for me.)

None of this is set in stone (yet). What are your opinions, questions, concerns?

5 Responses to “Color floss labels preview — opinions please”
  1. From Cecilia
    10 years, 4 months ago

    I think these look very nice. Have you tried putting the color bar(s) on the bottom closest to the actual thread itself? I’m asking because the first thing I see are the colors but I think the first thing I should be paying attention to are the numbers…Ithink if there were on the bottom, the symbol would continue to be visible (as in the black labels. – less information to attend to….

  2. From Julie
    10 years, 4 months ago

    A great start! I’m impressed with the size of the color bars you seem to be able to incorporate. I agree with Cecilia that the number on top would be preferable, but have you considered a side-by-side approach? I envision the symbol, the color number, and then a color dot. With a blend, of course, you’d have to include another number and dot. Looking at what I’m currently using, I think you’d have room to do this, although the area of color would have to be smaller. I’m not at all concerned about waterproofing. To get the labels to stick to plastic bobbins, I always have to tape over the labels anyway. Maybe this won’t be a problem with the new stock? A girl can hope.

  3. From Caroline
    10 years, 4 months ago

    I say stick with the bars; they associate easily with the printed number. Color below the printed numbers may be an improvement; bobbins get sorted (e.g. in a storage box) numerically, and having the number nearest the top edge may assist there.

    Thank you for this innovation, and for always knowing and implementing the needs of stitchers.

    I, too, have trouble getting the labels to stick to plastic bobbins. Has this been addressed?

  4. From Divecat
    10 years, 4 months ago

    I agree with the others in that having the colour on the bottom would be useful as I usually look for the symbol, check the number and the colour would be a useful final check. The bars would be easier to see than dots. Having the numbers on top is also useful for sorting bobbins as mentioned previously. Thank you as always for your innovation.

  5. From Meredith
    10 years, 4 months ago

    We will try moving the color to the bottom. There isn’t room in line with the numbers, even if the swatches are changed to dots. The current labels are supposed to stick better than the ones we were originally using, but I agree, they don’t stick really well to the plastic bobbins. It appears there isn’t anything stickier, unfortunately.

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