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The stickiness of labels (or lack thereof)
July 29th, 2011

If you use plastic bobbins, you have a problem with the floss labels coming unstuck. They stick at first, but then one side or the other starts to lift. My bobbins have a slightly textured side, while the other side is smooth. The labels don’t seem to adhere reliably to either side. We switched to different labels at one point in the hopes of solving this problem, but while the new labels seem to stick a little better, they still tend to lift.

I called my label supplier today and explained the problem and asked what they would recommend. They explained that sticking to plastic is tricky because plastic, being a petroleum product, emits vapors which acts against the adhesive. They do have a type of label I haven’t tried yet, which I’m told has their “most aggressive adhesive”. I’ve requested samples and I really hope this solves the problem. (I still have a lot of cardboard bobbins, but I bought 1000 plastic bobbins from Nordic Needle and as I finish the floss on a cardboard bobbin, I’m replacing it with plastic.) My bobbins have a fairly large hole in the top, so I press the two sides of the label together at the hole, so it’s sticking to itself. This insures that the label won’t hop right off the bobbin, but the corners still lift, and pick up cat hair and what have you and that just makes the lifting problem worse.

One person told me she uses Scotch Giftwrap tape (in the purple dispenser) to attach her labels to plastic bobbins and she has no problem with them coming off. I was thinking that that was a double-sided tape, but it doesn’t seem to be, so now I’m not sure what the special advantage of that tape would be, unless it’s that it disappears better than standard tape. I don’t know if it’s stickier. But I hate to tell people they need to use tape on supposedly sticky labels, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed for “aggressive adhesive”.

3 Responses to “The stickiness of labels (or lack thereof)”
  1. From Cindy
    10 years, 4 months ago

    I do not use the plastic bobbins for that reason alone. I have been switching back to the cardboard. More than once I have had to toss a skein because I couldn’t figure out the color after the label fell off. I would rather spend the $.35 to get a skein of the correct color than worry if I ‘m putting in a section of the wrong color.

  2. From susan
    10 years, 4 months ago

    I had the same problem with the floss labels not sticking to my plastic bobbins. I solved it by sticking the floss label on the bobbin and then cutting a pice of scotch tape about 1.5 inches long and attaching it to the bobbin. I attach it lengthwise and make sure that not only is the floss label covered but that at least 3/4 of the bobbin is covered on both sides. This seems to be working well, and I haven’t had any more labels come off.

  3. From Karen R in GA
    10 years, 4 months ago

    I used to tape the number, cut from the DMC wrapper, to the bobbin – but about the time I kitted up my SQ, I started writing the # on the bobbin with a fine-tip Sharpie. I use the floss labels for the baggies that I put the blends and cut lengths in (where I used to either write the symbol and its colors in Sharpie, or blow up the key, cut each one out, and tape to the bag). But I’ve never stored blends on the bobbins, so I have only ever had to label a bobbin with a single color and no symbol.

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